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From 3 generations of visual artists. 

Received my first real film camera in in 1975, a 2 ¼ x 2 ¼   Rollicord, followed in 1976 will a 35mm Pentax.

Have worked doing fine arts photography ever since. B&W and color, as well as non-silver 1975 to present day. Did my own processing and printing. Digital photography   started somewhere between 1999 and 2009 still using it today.

Owner /operator “The Photoworks” camera, darkroom, and Audio/visual equipment repair. 1983 to 1995. Did repairs for UNM fine arts and biology departments, Albuquerque Public Schools, several pawnshops, plus individuals. The transition in the industry to 80% non-mechanical cameras caused me to close the business.

Was business/technical support for 3 family businesses 1980 to 2009. Including secretarial, accounting, taxes and whatever as needed.

Have repaired about ant thing that can be repaired.

Build our passive adobe house with my father, the 2 of use by ourselves, in Peralta, NM. Made and laid 4000 45lb adobes by myself. Installed all plumbing, electrical and brick floors with father and with permits. 1995 to 2005 (no bank loan), I still living in it.

Sole care giver for elderly parents 2009 to 2019.


FIRST person to show works in the Sculpture Garden in the UNM fine arts building. March 1982

Works in privet collections.

Robert L Washington, San Antonio, Tx. And El Paso, Tx

Stephania & Paul Durham, Portland, Or

Nancy Corrigan, Vegeita, NM

Bev Schoonover, Albuquerque, NM

Works sold at charity auctions

“Serenity” sculpture sold at “Can not stop the Serenity” ,  2017

“Dark Knight at Noon #2” sold at “Duke city Comic Con” 2018

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